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Scalp Micropigmentation

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Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) replicates your own natural hair follicles and hair colour. SMP helps to add density to areas which you find are thinning, creating the illusion of thicker hair. Dots of pigment are embedded into the scalp to mimic the appearance of real hair follicles. After the treatment, it will create the illusion of stubble on a shaved head. 

What can SMP help?

image of smp procedure


Through mimicking the appearance of real hair follicles, SMP can help you conceal any balding spots that may be appearing. 

womans haire balding


SMP is perfect for masking thinning hair in both men and women. Creating the illusion of a thicker, fuller head of hair. 

woman with alopecia


SMP can create an entirely new hairline and the appearance of a full head of hair follicles. It does not affect the regrowth of any new hair that may come through. 

man with scar on back of head


Not just for hair loss, SMP can help mask any scarring you may have acquired through injury or surgery. 

Treatment Overview

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Treatment Duration

4-6 Hours

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Sensitivity Period

48 Hours

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Results Duration

3-5 Years

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